Visio Digital

Woman reading a book wearing Vision Digital lenses

Visio Digital

Woman reading a book wearing Vision Digital lenses

Why choose Visio Digital?

Our eyes help us determine the world around us. Perfect vision leads to better living. Imagine a world around you which is blurry and nothing is clearly visible. Would a situation like this be desirable for any of us? The answer is NO. All of us would like our sight to be perfect. The better we see the better we live.

After a certain age most of us have difficulties to focus on near objects. This is a common and a natural phenomenon known as presbyopia. There are two major solutions proposed to correct the visual condition. The most common remedy to presbyopia is the use of progressive corrective lenses. Visio digital lenses can help correct this vision degeneration. Visio lenses utilise digital freeform technology – a revolutionary technology in the manufacturing of prescription lenses. The precision of this technology enables the creation of a virtually infinite number of optical prescription combinations, meaning that every pair of lenses is uniquely tailored to each wearer with exceptional precision. Visio digital is available at a price point that makes the advantages and technologies of digitally surfaced lenses available to more patients than ever before. The lenses are available in two fitting heights, making them compatible with most fashionable frames.

Woman wearing vision lenses
Man wearing glasses reading newspaper

Focal points

Visio Lenses have multiple focal points. The wearer gets perfect near, intermediate and far vision. The wearers vision is not restricted to specific zones but is superbly smooth through all useful vision zones of Visio Digital lenses. Visio is designed for anyone wanting a modern, digitally-manufactured varifocal lens. Until now, the gap between the cost of traditional varifocals and digital surfacing technology has been considerable. Visio makes this technology much more accessible to patients, and makes Visio Digital a great choice for patients looking to move into digital design quality. These lenses are a great all-rounder that you can dispense with confidence. Wearers will benefit from reduced peripheral distortions, as well as improved clarity and sharpness when compared with traditional progressive lenses.

Dividing lines

Visio lenses do not have any dividing lines and look much more cosmetically appealing when compared with bifocal lenses. Visio also provides more natural correction of Presbyopia than bifocals thanks to the smooth surface between the far, intermediate, and near vision zones. This eliminates the annoying “image jump” that is seen in bifocal lenses due to the hard dividing line between the vision zones. 

Closeup of woman wearing Vision Digital lenses
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Comfort factor

Visio Lenses provide more natural corrections of Presbyopia than bifocals. In Visio digtal lenses, the prescription is surfaced into a soft design on the back surface of the lens, giving much wider fields of clear vision than pre-cast conventional progressive lenses. Visio Digital are a great option for patients who may be used to a pair of bifocals, and would like to try a progressive lens at a competitive price point before committing to the costs of a more premium design. They are very well balanced and can be used to correct presbyopia across a large range of prescriptions.

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