Nova Drive

Man driving wearing Nova Drive

Nova Drive

Man driving wearing Nova Drive

Better vision contributes to road safety. Nova Drive Lenses offer sharp, natural panoramic vision that is virtually glare free in all light conditions, both day and night. 

A passion and necessity for many, driving can be a challenging task particularly when facing adverse conditions on the road. Poor visibility, glares, reflections and blurred peripheral vision can all present challenges for drivers.

Poor visibility can result from a number of weather conditions. Rain, fog or low light during the dawn and dusk often leaves drivers with a low contrast in their vision, whilst glare from approaching vehicles or harsh streetlights at night, can cause a visual disruption. Peripheral distortions in conventional lenses often mean drivers turn their head more towards wing mirrors, rather than just their eyes, forcing them to take their eyes off the road ahead.

For optimal driving comfort, peripheral distortions should be reduced. Nova Drive Lenses benefit from Panoramic Vision Enhancement Technology (PVET) meaning the wearer can enjoy extended fields of clear vision while seated behind the steering wheel. This extended panoramic vision, means gaze can focus from right to left wing mirrors, with minimised horizontal head movement.

PEV technology illustration
Driving in poor visibility conditions

Poor visibility

Driving in low contrast situation

Low contrast vision

Night driving

Glare-riden night view

 The Nova Drive Progressive Lens has a wide intermediate vision zone designed with driving ergonomics in mind. The stable power progression ensures easy switch of gaze direction, between a number of focal points while driving, minimising visual fatigue and discomfort.

Regular lens

Vision through ordinary lens

Nova Drive

Vision through Nova Drive Lens

Glare control and enhanced contrast for safer driving

Glare and dazzling reflection cause visual discomfort in bright light conditions, whilst in low light and night conditions can mean eyes face a longer adaptation time and altered depth of focus. By considering the range of pupil size in different environments, during times of bright light conditions Nova Drive Lenses reduce the glare effect and optimise contrast but when in low light or night time conditions ensures optimal refraction and maximised visual efficiency.

Road seen through standard lenses

Vision through ordinary lens

Road seen through Nova Drive lenses

Vision through Nova Drive Lens

Nigh driving scene seen through regular lens with  glare

Vision through ordinary lens

Nigh driving scene seen through Nova Drive lens with reduced glare

Vision through Nova Drive Lens

Wider Fields of Vision

Digi-Contour Technology has resulted in a number of lens advancements, helping wearers to receive corrective lenses designed to accommodate their exact visual requirement.

Digi technology illustration
Blumax lenses illustration explaining difference between good and bad blue light

Additional protection

Nova Drive Clear Lenses are powered by BLUMAX material, provide complete protection from UV rays and maximum filtration of HEV Blue Light, emitted from sources such as LED or Xenon headlights and digital devices.  

Nova Drive Clear Lenses are powered with the premium Satin Aktiv Coating. Its revolutionary features deflect UV rays as well as a part of HEV light, keeping eyes safe and comfortable. An effective reduction of glares from light sources at night, and even from direct sunlight, means wearers experience less blinding effect. Satin Aktiv allows maximum entry of specific light waves, creating the best sensitivity during both day and night, to provide the sharpest possible vision with improved contrast.

image of the road at night seen through glasses without anti reflection coating

Lower contrast at night without A.R. Coating

image of the road at night seen through glasses with anti reflection coating

Higher contrast at night with VRx SHMC+ AKTIV Coating

Man in a car wering Transitions XTRActive lenses
Transitions Xtractive logo

With Transitions™ Xtractive® Nova Drive Lenses provide UV Protection, optimal HEV blue light protection and create a darkening effect behind the windscreen unlike other photochromic lenses. Transitions™ Xtractive® benefits also include a reduction in excessive sunlight entering the eye and with the availability of the darkest tints, the appearance of traditional sunglasses.

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