Nova Easy

Woman wearing Nova Easy lenses

Nova Easy

Woman wearing Nova Easy lenses

Do you encounter visual discomfort while using digital devices?

Nova Easy is a new generation of advanced single vision lenses that are optimised for today’s fast paced, digital lifestyle. These lenses are designed to offer relief to hard working eyes, in addition to correcting their vision. This is achieved through a slight power addition within the reading zone, helping to relax the eyes as they move quickly in and out of this vision zone. This magnification is particularly beneficial to wearers who rely heavily on digital device usage during both their work and social lives.

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Woman suffering from digital eye strain

In today's world our eyes are constantly focusing on computer screens, tablets and mobile phones. When we use these devices our eyes typically look through the lower portion of the lens to suit our natural posture and gaze direction. Focusing on close objects with the eyes gazing down puts strain on the eyes as the muscles need to work hard to ensure maximum accommodation to these near vision tasks. When combined with long work hours, this prolonged accommodative effort often leads to tiredness, headaches and blurry vision. These symptoms are often referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), or digital eye strain. Other symptoms of digital eye strain can include:

Dry eyes; neck, shoulder, or back pain; tiredness or fatigue; increased light sensitivity. If your patients experience these symptoms on a regular basis, Nova Plus lenses are a great choice for single vision wearers to help combat these symptoms.

Nova Easy's design supports the wearer's accommodative efforts and helps to relieve visual fatigue, thanks to the built-in power addition of +0.50 D to support the wearer's vision for close range tasks. The lens provides much greater comfort than a standard single vision corrective lens as the wearers' natural accommodation pattern is retained. Nova Easy lenses can completely replace standard single vision lenses whatever the patient's prescription and without changing their natural behaviour. This is effective in both permanent and occasional wearers.

Whilst the power enhancement provides additional support to Nova Plus wearers, it does not limit them during times when they are not using digital devices. When they are not looking through the near vision area of the lens wearers will experience sharp vision at all distances, as they would expect from an advanced single vision lens. This makes Nova Easy lenses an ideal dispense for wearers looking for a lens that adapts to their digital lifestyle, or for people who use their near vision a lot at work.

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Nova Easy is available with Blumax technology

Nova Easy lenses are available with Blumax technology, which filter blue-violet light*.

*Protection against UV and blue-violet light filtering. (Blue-violet light is between 400 and 455nm as stated by ISO TR 20772:2018).

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