Womna reding digital book outdoors wearing Blumax lenses


Womna reding digital book outdoors wearing Blumax lenses

Blumax lenses are available in two different versions;
Blumax, and Blumax Ultra.

Life is becoming more and more connected to, and reliant on digital devices every year. People are using tablets, mobile phones and screens more than ever before both in and out of work. This is providing new challenges for the human eye.

Symptoms of digital eye strain can include: 
● Dry eyes
● Tiredness
● Headaches
● Blurry vision
● Neck, shoulder, or back pain
● Tiredness or fatigueIncreased light sensitivity

If your patients experience these symptoms on a regular basis, Blumax lenses provide a boost in blue-violet light protection to help combat digital eye strain. The absorption of blue-violet light can also enhance contrast for digital device users, further enhancing the wearers experience when using digital devices.

Blumax lenses offer seamless strain-free vision, with both indoor and outdoor protection against UV and blue-violet light. The embedded technology uses a material formula that absorbs both UV and blue-violet light rays, preventing them from entering the eye. Excessive exposure to blue-violet light may cause premature eye ageing, as well as retinal cell death. Exposure to blue-violet light has many environmental sources both indoor and outdoor such as the sun, LED lights, and bright screens. Blue turquoise light forms a different part of the light spectrum, and exposure to this light is beneficial to our health. Blumax filters only the blue-violet light, allowing blue-turquoise light to pass through the lens. Blumax lenses maintain a fine balance between performance and aesthetics and provide excellent protection without a major compromise on the lens transparency. While many blue-blocking lenses have a yellow hue that makes the lens unappealing to look at, this residual tint is reduced in Blumax lenses. 

Man wearing Satin Plus UV lenses
using smart phone
Man working on computer wearing Blumax lenses

Blumax Ultra stops UV rays from entering the eyes through the lens, and further reduces the amount of blue-violet light passing through the lens compared with both UV400 and standard Blumax lenses. Blumax Ultra lenses are perfect for wearers who are susceptible to computer vision syndrome, experience visual fatigue, for people who are looking for a higher degree of protection from their spectacles and value this over the absolute transparency of their lenses. Blumax Ultra lenses provide the highest protection from blue-violet light that we currently offer.

With people spending an increasing amount of time using screens and digital devices in their daily lives, many users complain of digital eye strain, or “computer vision syndrome”. Blumax lenses are designed for everyday use, and may help to alleviate these symptoms when using digital devices and screens. Both Blumax and Blumax Ultra are available across a wide variety of lens designs and can fit all prescriptions, making them suitable for all dispenses.

We offer Blumax lenses in a wide range of Rx lens designs, as well as finished stock lens options. Blumax Ultra lenses are available in the following Rx designs:

Nova UHD; Nova Plus; Nova Easy; Nova Office; Nova Sport

Woman using digital devices