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Cyclist wearing Nova Sport lenses

Nova Sport

Woman wearing sun glasses with mirror lenses

Nova Sun & Sports lenses offer outdoor vision correction for outdoor activities with superior clarity, high contrast vision, and glare protection. Available in both single vision and progressive lens varieties, Nova Sun & Sport lenses are designed to fit most of the branded sunglasses.

Nova sport high base curves comparison diagram

High base curves


Nova sun & sport lenses fit most sunwear frames, coupling contemporary fashion with clear vision and UV protection. Lenses with low base curve are not suitable for high wrap frames that are often used for sport. Using a lens with a low base curve in a high wrap frame may result in reducing the wrap of the frame as the frame is forced to warp from it’s original shape in order to hold the lens. This often results in the arms splaying out giving a frame that does not fit properly and is uncomfortable for the wearer. This can also negatively affect the optical properties of the lens as it will not be aligned to the face correctly.

Using a high base curve allows high wrap frames to retain their intended shape and wrap around the face to give a significantly improved fit. It also allows improved visual comfort as the lens can protect the eye from light from more angles in the peripheral zone.

Lens technology

The advanced sports design ensures optimal precision, comfort and frame balance for sunglasses. The optimized calculations are used to create customised lenses for each wearer to fit a high number of popular sports frames. The compensation power calculations are done by taking into account the frame parameters and the wearer’s individual features as per the facial anatomy. Prescription lenses are possible for both single vision and progressive lenses with different base curves.

Nova sport lens technology diagram

Wide field of vision

view through a lens with Newpolar grey

View through standard tinted PAL lenses

view through Nova Sport Pal lens

View through Nova Sun & Sports PAL lenses

Polarised lenses improve the most important functions of prescription eyewear: improved visual acuity, and the ability to block blinding glare caused by reflective sunlight from sources such as roads, water, ice and snow. Natural unfiltered light is described as unpolarised, as the light rays travel in random directions. These light rays hit our lenses at all angles of incidence and can cause glare. This glare distorts objects and affects our colour perception. Polarised lenses contain a unique filter that blocks horizontally reflected light rays. This property significantly reduces glare by only allowing the vertical light rays to pass through the lens.

No other lenses or treatments can achieve the same glare reduction performance as polarised lenses. This gives exceptional visual comfort and provides the most comfortable vision in environments with high intensity sunlight and glare. Common sources of horizontal reflected light rays are water, snow, glass, and car bonnets.Nova Sport lenses combined with polarised lens technology provide the perfect solution for outdoor sports use. Wearers who participate in mountain and snow sports can experience the best possible vision by combining the technologies of Nova Sport lenses, and NuPolar polarisation.

view through a lens without Newpolar

Without NuPolar®

view through a lens with Newpolar grey

With NuPolar® (Grey)

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